I was awakened to pocket billiards when i was thirty eight years old. I fell in love. So I set up a training program to gain the skills of a world class player. i wanted to share this great game with others. 


I went into a three year eight hours a day seven days a week training until I reached the top of my game. Then I entered a tournament in Milwaukee and won it without a loss. The next month I returned to the pool room and someone remarked, "Here comes that guy again. Who is he, some kind of a monk or something?"  So I got the nickname The Monk. 


I develop some training material so I could help other players find the joy you experience when you play at a high level. In 1989 i established The Monk Billiard Academy. I wrote books and manuals and then began to teach all over the world. I taught for two months in Moscow Russia, and then for two years in New Zealand where I coached the top six players in the south pacific.  For the past six years I have been working in the Philippines. The Monk Billiard Academy is head quartered on an island in the Philippines.


I traveled to Mexico and Canada to share this game. There are only a few states where I have not put on one of my famous workshops. To date, I have worked with players for 35 years. 


In 2013 I started working on the MONK 101 Training program. To complete this comprehensive training course took me four years. The MONK 101 includes three hard bound books, full color and takes two years to graduate. Upon graduation you are certified as a MONK 101 Master instructor and can play at the highest level.


At this time age 72 I do some workshops in the states and invite players to The Monk Billiard Academy in the Philippines for 21 days of continuous training. In all of my desire I say "may all the rolls go your way"

My name is Stacey Tonkin and I live in St Petersburg Florida. I'm married to a wonderful artist husband Stanley and we have three Huskies. I grew up in Boston where I met Tim 17 years ago. I was only a 3 when I started in the APA but would travel to many cities trying to win my chance at playing pro. After a few years I was a 7. Tim not only helped my game but being so young he taught me to think correctly and apply perspective to my life. I did make it briefly to the WPBA and got to play alongside Jeanette lee.

 I am so grateful for the support I received and also won 2 amateur national titles as well as placing in the top 3 in numerous state championships with men and women.

I currently received my Masters in information technology. 

Now I study Quantum Physics and teach people about The Law of Attraction since it first worked for me many years ago. I am a life coach and spiritualist who wants to spread love and healing to as many people as I can. I hope that some of the information that we have here guides you in the direction of your dreams. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. 

Stacey Tonkin