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 My Most Popular Monk 101 Instructor Program

     I work with you step by step for two years! 

I will send you this incredible training manual. It is printed on high quality paper, 260+ pages of first class instruction to bring your game to another level. This book is hard bound, in full color. A treasure for your billiard library. It is your one of a kind University Text Book. This is the only way you can own this book. 


Plus I will send you level by level instructions so I can help you go through this powerful material. Your game will move to the next level and beyond once you train with The Monk.


Join me today. I will book a workshop in your location and make plans to work with you. You will receive this classic work book. Use it to take a break from the MONK 101 training program. You will need this material to complete your studies. THE COMPLETE GAME comes in hard bound and in full color. It is a wonderful addition to your billiard library. This book includes Point the Way and The Eight Ball Book. It is a great read in addition to the lesson graphics. 

This book allows you to take action, measure your progress and make adjustments. It has a series of lessons, all valued at five points. You are instructed to do each lesson three times and add up your score. You get five points per successful attempt. There are fifty challenges in this series. 


It also contains my best selling book I CAME TO WIN. You must read this. As you build your game skills you will also need to build your inner game skills. Mastering Self was written to create the total pool player


MASTERING SELF comes in hard bound and in full color. It is a magnificent book, one you will be proud of. 


                             POINT THE WAY                                 

                                   I CAME TO WIN                                         

                   THE EIGHT BALL BOOK                            

                       THE COMPLETE GAME                             


When you graduate you receive your MONK 101  Master Instructor Degree. You will have something special to share with your students. You will be the one who has a specific teaching manual. You will be experienced in all areas of this game. This text book is is beautifully bound, hard cover, full color, glossy pages, and filled with the finest material this game has ever known. It would be a proud moment to present you with this remarkable teaching manual.  



But that is not all. 
I work with you step by step until you finish the program!


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